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The Class of 1961 - 35th Reunion Photos (1996)

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Carolyn Clark Carter, Linda Leffler Palmer, Carolyn Mikkelsen Brewton

Mary Marshall Roberts, Virginia Miller Delchamps

Linda Coker Taylor, Beth Mobley Houston, Betty Prine Suiter and Betty Hawkshead

Inge Waddle, Rosalind Sirmon Arendall, Jim Arendall, _________, __________, and Carolyn Mikkelsen Brewton

Larry Griffin, Sharlene Lynn Griffin, ___________, ___________, __________ and __________

Stan Houston, Lamar and Linda Coker Taylor, John Cassity, Beth Mobley Houston and Roger Davis

J. Byron Green, Stan Houston and John Palmer

Judson Fidler, Sandy Johnson and Robby Johnson

J.W. Imsand, Ed Bridges and James Lord

__________, ___________, Inge Waddle and _____________

Jim Stowe, Betty Prine Suiter, Judson Fidler, Buddy Ray, Ken Laurendine, Frank Peteet and Roger Davis

Linda Leffler, Francille Fife Sanderford, Carolyn Clark Carter, _________, Ken Laurendine, Betty Prine Suiter and Percy Sanderford

Toby Gurley and Robby Johnson

H.E. Brewton, Inge Waddle, _______, and Bobby Branch

___________, Paul Garverich, Linda Leffler Palmer, ___________, and Randy Delchamps

John Cassity, H.E. Brewton, ____________ and Lewis Mayson

________, _________, Juan Duke, Lane Pettiss Carlton, Mary Louise Ritter Leatherbury, ___________ and Rosalind Sirmon Arendall

Carolyn Mikkelsen Brewton, Beth Mobley Houston, Linda Coker Taylor, Ann Dixon Muths and Bonnie Cook Beviaqua

Glenda Hogan Contos, Judy Parham Gray, Gayle Thrash (Not in our class), and Patty Nicholas Arceneaux

Inge Waddle and Judi Waddle


Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

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