Murphy High School

Class of 1961


The Class of 1961 - Men's Luncheon

Lamar Taylor, Ed Bridges, Butch Bounds and Johnny Hager

Jim Hazelwood, Lamar Taylor, H.E. Brewton and Johnny Hager

Johnny Wilson '59, Butch Bounds, Paul Garverich, Lamar Taylor, Gerald Ellis '60 and Johnny Hager

Joe Vegliacich, Jim Hazelwood, Wayne Fowler '60, Johnny Coleman '59, J.R. McCarthy, Marcus Lollar, Johnny Hager and Judson Fidler

Men's Luncheon July 2009

Ed's Seafood Shack

The group meets every Tuesday at 11:30 at a different restaurant, three (3) times in Mobile and three (3) times in Baldwin County.

If you would like to join us, please contact Lamar Taylor at 251-634-1570 or e-mail for details.


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